CredibleMeds API

CredibleMeds’ lists of drugs with risk of QT prolongation and/or torsades de pointes (TdP) are routinely viewed and downloaded as a valuable source of information to guide clinical decision-making and the safe use of medicines. For more information regarding the QTDrugs Lists, please consult our FAQ section.

The purpose of this API is to serve those licensed organizations that wish to integrate the CredibleMeds database of risk-stratified drugs seamlessly in real time through an API connection.

The information presented here is targeted towards IT professionals and software developers that represent medical application companies or other healthcare providers for the purpose integrating the QTDrugs Lists with their current systems. For additional information regarding CredibleMeds or the QTDrugs Lists, please consult our main website.

If you wish to obtain a license to use the QT Drugs Lists in your systems via this API, please request access here.

Licenses to use QTdrugs Lists and other AZCERT technologies are made available under a subscription agreement which can be reviewed here.